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Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg announces details on this year's upcoming festival.

Friday, May 1st until Sunday, May 3, 2015 in Jazzatelier Ulrichberg:


Plasmic - Heginger, Harnik, Winter, Minister.

Urs Leimgruber / Jacques Demierre / Barre Phillips.

The Eye Peeled - Hauf, Siewert, Weber, Heather.

John Butcher & Claudia Ulla Binder.

Foils Quartet - Schubert, Müller, Edwards Sanders.

Barre Phillips bass solo.

freestyle-request concert: The Village.

Annelie Gahl (Kurtag, Pisendel, Harnik).

Tiziana Bertoncini & Thomas Lehn.

Pretty - Martel - Zoubek.

Ametsa: Beñat Achiary & Erwan Keravec.

Feichtmair / Gratkowski / Herbert / Lillinger.

Movies: "Jazzsoup" and "The rest is my sausage".

Exhibition: Hans Polterauer, Kinetic properties.


Details: www.jazzatelier.at/kal.htm

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