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Bass Drum BoneHEALDSBURG, CA - The 19th annual Healdsburg Jazz Festival concluded on the 12th of June. However, organizers still have events planned for the second half of June.

More details from Healdsburg Jazz Festival (www.healdsburgjazzfestival.org):

We want to let you all know how much we appreciate your support and engagement during our 19th annual Healdsburg Jazz Festival - which ended just last Sunday! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed sharing these great musicians with you, from the "fun" to the "deep," the young lions to the legends.

Now's a good time to underscore your appreciation of Healdsburg Jazz by becoming a member - only 25% of our budget comes from tickets sales, which means your year-round support is what gives us momentum and purpose to work on next year's festival - our 20th, and sure to be a memorable one. Join now and be part of Healdsburg Jazz over the next momentous year.

But wait, that's not all....

Wednesday, June 21
BassDrumBone at the Gallery

Now that you've caught your breath, it's time to jump back into action for BassDrumBone on Wednesday, June 21 - the latest in our Parlor Jazz series, at the Paul Mahder Gallery.

"I would never have booked a band this close to the Festival," said artistic director Jessica Felix, " but I could not resist this great, high-energy band coming through town." She was talking about Mark Helias on bass, Gerry Hemingway on drums and Ray Anderson on trombone – known collectively as BassDrumBone and celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2017. Tickets are now available.

BassDrumBone just released an album late last year, The Long Road, to celebrate four decades of making incredible music in this unusual combination. That album features appearances by Joe Lovano and Jason Moran, but these three musicians don't need any help to bring their elegant, lyrical and vociferous music to life whenever they take the stage. Play the video above, or visit their website to learn more about their amazing career and even more amazing music.

They'll be doing so next Wednesday, en route between Seattle and Santa Cruz. They'll be taking the stage at Paul Mahder Gallery (222 Healdsburg Ave.) at 7 p.m. for this special Healdsburg show. Tickets are only $30, available now on BrownPaperTickets.

Saturday, June 17
Hotel Healdsburg Lobby  

Don't forget jazz every Saturday night from 6:30 to 9:30 at the Hotel Healdsburg Lobby (25 Matheson St.)  No cover, small plates menu, full bar and great music! More online...

June 17: Gael Schell Trio with Peter Barshay and Hamir Atwal
Piano, Acoustic Bass and Drums

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