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The Power of Two'The Power of Two' Steve Slagle & Bill O'Connell 

(Panorama Records)




Release Date: JUNE 5, 2015

UP Code: 8 88295 24575 3

Track listing, track times 

1. Good News (Slagle) 4:10 

2. One Life (Slagle) 6:07 

3. Peri’s Scope (Evans) 3:44 

4. I’ll Wait and Pray (Valentine/Treadwell) 3:56 

5. A New Day (O’Connell) 5:07 

6. KD JR. (Slagle) 7:05 

(Written in memory of Kenny Drew Jr.) 

7. The Power of Two (Slagle) 4:26 

8. The Duke (Brubeck) 5:17 

9. Circle (Davis) 6:48 

10. Into Your Grace (Slagle) 5:25 

11. Whistling Spirits (Slagle/O’Connell) 0:56


Steve Slagle-alto saxophone, flute Bill O’Connell-piano 

Alto saxophone and flutist Steve Slagle’s career on the New York City world stage has spanned the grammy winning large orchestras of Mingus, Haden and Lovano to contemporary quartets with Steve Kuhn, Dave Stryker and many more. Never before has he paired it down to a duo until now with The Power of Two.

The collaboration with pianist Bill O’Connell was a natural one after the many Latin-Jazz recordings Steve has done recently with Bill, who is the quiet giant on piano of his generation. Alone together they create some of their best, most unique work to date. At first starting the idea of this date with his tribute to the late great virtuoso pianist Kenny Drew Jr. -Steve wrote ‘KD JR.’ on the day of his friends passing—they collectively go further to create the sound of musical spirits past,present, and future.

  What sounds effortless is a level of musicianship that only a few achieve after decades of work in their profession: hearing the music, listening to each other and inspiring each other to create and play music that never quite existed like this before—and capturing it in a recording. We hope you enjoy and get the musical message that is within ‘The Power of Two’.

—Jack Zulack, Executive Producer, Panorama Records

World -renowned saxophone/ flutist and grammy award winning musician Steve Slagle here is paying tribute to his musical relationship with pianists both past and present. Steve’s last release on Panorama ‘Evensong’ was picked ‘top 50 cds of 2013’ by Jazztimes. As Downbeat magazine says: “Slagle and group are such masters, the music feels so good it consequently makes you feel good”. 

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