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Red Light Jazz

Red Light Jazz

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Contact: Marcel Kaatee

Amsterdam Noord-Holland

+31 20 6231834

The jazz-event in and around Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District.

General info

Red Light jazz is an annual jazz festival which takes place on the first weekend of July in and around Amsterdam's famous Red Light District. the Started in 2014, initiated by local entrepreneurs, Red Light Jazz highlights the rich tradition Amsterdam has as a true jazz city.

The festival strives to show the public a more cultural side of the Red Light District by celebrating the strong connection it has had with jazz music since the nineteen-thirties and fourties. It was around this time that jazz found it’s way over from the States, taking root in the old part of Amsterdam in clubs such as the ‘Cotton Club’ and ‘Casablanca’.

Kid Dynamite

The ‘Casablanca’ at the Zeedijk gained a reputation as the ‘ mecca for jazz lovers’ and is where the renowned sax player Kid Dynamite loved to play after coming to Amsterdam from Surinam in 1928.

Kid Dynamite being one of the musicians being honoured by the festival along with the American trumpet player Chet Baker, who sadly lost his life in 1988 by falling out of the window from his hotel room at the Hotel Prins Hendrik.

  • Festival Start Date:
  • 07-03-2015
  • Festival End Date:
  • 07-05-2015



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