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Max Roach TributeThe 32nd edition of International Festival Ai Confini tra Sardegna E Jazz presents a special tribute event to the late percussionist Max Roach this September.

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XXXII Edition of the International Festival

"Al Confini Tra Sardegna E Jazz" presents 

"A Tributre to Max Roach" 

featuring: M'Boom repercussion; Joe Chambers, Ray Mantilla, Eli Fountain, Diego Lopez, Warren Smith; 

Also featuring: Pietro Tonolo (saxes/flutes), Marc Abrams (bass), plus the Sardegna String Quartet

Orchestration by Joe Chambers

Taking place at the Saint Anna Arresi theater:
Associazione Culturale Punta Giara
Centro culturale a Sant'Anna Arresi, Italia
Piazza Martiri, 5, 09010
September 4th-5th, 2017

M’Boom was the brainchild of Max Roach, the late percussionist, visionary, and seminal figure of modern jazz. The vision was to explore and compose for the myriad instruments in the percussion family.

This special concert features a multifaceted program from M'Boom's repertoire including Max Roach's "It's Time," Omar Clay's "onomatopoeia," and Bobby Hutcherson's "Poema Para Revel."
*There will be a special concert September 4, "Punjab;"  A piano solo by Joe Chambers.