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MONTEREY, CA - Monterey Jazz Festival (MJF) unveiled its new mission statement aiming tot reinforce the 1958 inaugural festival's ideals while supporting and perpetuating the art form for posterity.

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In 1958, the Monterey Jazz Festival held its inaugural festival, presenting the very best of jazz music, with a commitment to supporting and nurturing the art form for future generations.

In 2019, 62 festivals later, the Monterey Jazz Festival’s has adopted a new mission and vision statement to reinforce the original inspirational and dynamic vibe of the original Festival, while orienting the organization towards the future.

Developed by the board and staff, the Monterey Jazz Festival’s new mission and vision statements align with its three-year strategic plan, with the goal of leading the way in advocating for the vitality, impactful engagement, diverse appeal, and creativity of jazz.

Our mission is to inspire the discovery and celebration of jazz, anchored by an iconic festival.

We envision a sustainable organization that sets the standard of excellence for jazz, connects a diverse community, and helps people appreciate and learn about jazz as fans and performers.

Peter Gordon, Vice President of the Monterey Jazz Festival Board of Directors, led the task force that reviewed the mission and vision for the organization.

“Jazz, one of America’s greatest indigenous art forms, is facing increasing challenges to survive and thrive in this new attention-economy driven world,” said Gordon. “As a standard bearer for 62 years, the Monterey Jazz Festival is standing strong to cultivate new audiences, expand mentoring opportunities and create gathering places for diverse communities. We are committed to the discovery and celebration of this art form which embodies the freedom, creativity and uniqueness of the American experience.”

The Monterey Jazz Festival is excited to utilize this new mission and vision statement to propel the organization, the festival and its year-round commitment to jazz education toward a sustainable and dynamic future.